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With the rapid rollout of vaccines and regular updates from the state and federal CDCs, we are cautiously optimistic about Summer 2021. Masks, enhanced precautions, and physical distancing will likely still be part of our sailing strategy next summer. We are discovering a new normal which includes a raised awareness of how coronaviruses are transmitted, the importance and acceptance of behaviors that minimize risks of transmission, and the effective use of sanitization and physical barriers to transmission.


Our schedule for next summer looks much like our normal schedule. Life aboard will be much as it always has been with a few adjustments.

Before you come aboard, we will ask that you fill out a simple form for the purposes of contact tracing and confirming that you have been vaccinated or have proof of a negative test result within 72 hours of boarding.

There may be times when masks are required. Our already enhanced disinfection practices will align with current Covid protocols. Already Maine has exempted all of the New England States from testing requirements. By May 1st all states will be exempted from testing requirements. By May 24th, indoor gatherings will be allowed at 75% capacity and outdoor gatherings will be allowed at 100% capacity.

We’ll incorporate a few structural safeguards include plexiglass guards between the galley and main saloon, more opportunities to eat on deck as weather allows, an increased number of hand sanitizing stations, and the increased regular use of disinfectants on contact surfaces above decks as well as below. UV-C and ozone, when used correctly, are part of our disinfection arsenal.

We’re setting aside more single accommodations until we see what the situation looks like next summer. In addition to our regular single cabins off the main saloon, cabins 7, 8, 11 & 12 will be sold as single accommodations. You will be asked if you mind sharing in case the situation changes between now and then. Of course, those same rooms can be booked per usual for friends and couples. Should we return to 100% occupancy, any cabin can be booked as a guaranteed private accommodation if you wish to pay for the second berth.


Until further notice, we are re-instating our regular reservation/cancellation policy. $300 deposit to reserve your space, balance payments, or cancelations, must be made 6 weeks prior to sailing. Cancellations or reservation changes are subject to a $50/person administrative fee. Cancellations received after the balance due date will be refunded, ONLY if we can fill your cabin space. We strongly recommend trip cancellation insurance which most companies will only sell to you shortly after you reserve your cruise. Remember, all returning guests receive a 10% discount.


Be respectful. Take this time as your, and other guests’, precious chance to unplug from the outside world. Let go. Take a deep breath. There isn’t much we can do about it anyway. Please don’t “harsh the mellow.”

Let’s not talk about politics, religion, or professional sports. These are the things over which wars are started. Have you ever noticed that anyone who wants to talk about these topics wants to express their opinions more than they want to hear yours?

No one wants to hear your cell phone ring. Put your cell phone in “schooner” mode, like airplane mode, except the scenery is a whole lot better. Little known fact: Everyone can still hear your phone conversation when you are in your cabin. Calls can be made while you are ashore each day in the privacy of your own spruce tree.

Use headphones or earbuds when listening to music. Vivaldi is good but the Grateful Dead… you get the point.

Please consume alcohol in moderation only. Images on social media have no mercy.

Yes, you can bring your sleep apnea devices. The greatest single invention since the toaster oven.

We love kids! We even had two of our own. But the “excitement” of sailing doesn’t always engage a young sailor’s mind. That is why we have an age limit for young ‘uns under 15. We know, yours are different. We have met some 15-year-olds who are more mature than some 50-year-olds. Call us, before you reserve, if you have any questions.

Come aboard The Legendary Schooner Mary Day and experience a Maine Schooner Sailing Cruise out of beautiful Camden, Maine.

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