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Working together
To  Keep Everyone Safe

Last Update: 11/22/2022  


We are looking forward to another great sailing season this summer. Vaccines and boosters and updates from state and federal CDCs show downward trends in the Covid pandemic but we are not out of the woods yet. Our 2021 sailing season was a success with safe practices in place and guests being diligent with safe traveling protocols. We greatly appreciate all our guests for doing their part in keeping everyone safe.

Mary Day’s schedule for this summer is back to a normal schedule. Life aboard will be much as it always has been. In true Mary Day fashion, we will continue to monitor the state, federal, and Coast Guard guidelines to safeguard our guests, crew, and family.  We understand regulations in some states may be different but we owe it to you to keep our guard up and play it safe so we can all enjoy a summer of sailing on Mary Day again.


  What are your requirements for guests on Mary Day?

In continuation from 2021, we are requiring all guests, crew, and family sailing on Mary Day this summer;

  • Having been fully vaccinated for Covid-19

  • Booster shots are optional but highly recommended


★  Will guests need to show proof of vaccination prior to arriving?


Not prior to arrival but yes on the day of boarding.



★  Will guests need to show proof of vaccination upon arrival at Mary Day?


Yes. Please understand we are requiring all guests, crew, and family on board to be fully vaccinated.  Vaccination cards (original, copies, or photos are all acceptable) will be checked at boarding.


★  Will everyone have to wear masks all the time?

Per a recent Federal court ruling (04/18/2022), the CDC has declared that the mandate for mask-wearing is no longer in effect for public transportation (including vessels).  As Federal agencies are reviewing the court's decision the CDC is still recommending it for indoor public places. In the interim, the Coast Guard will not enforce the mask requirement for now and we will leave it to the discretion of passengers if they would feel more comfortable wearing a mask or not. It is possible that we may visit places onshore that are still requiring them. Please come prepared.


★  Are guests required to share accommodations as in the past?

Yes. As has always been the case, windjammer guests often end up sharing a cabin with another guest (of the same gender). The option to purchase a cabin as a private cabin is available with a supplemental charge.


For 2022, the reservation policy is still the same as it has been in other seasons.​

  • A $300 deposit per person, to reserve a space

  • Balance payments are due 6 weeks prior to the sailing date.


★  Is your cancellation policy different this year?

Our cancellation policy is still the same as in past seasons.​​

  • Cancellations must be made 6 weeks prior to sailing.

  • Cancellations or reservation changes are subject to a $50/person administrative fee.

  • Cancellations received after the balance due date will be refunded, ONLY if we can fill your cabin space.

  • We strongly recommend trip cancellation insurance which most companies will only sell to you shortly after you reserve your cruise.


What happens if I get Covid and have to cancel my trip?

Our normal cancellation policy applies. If you cancel within 6 weeks prior to sailing and if your space(s) can be filled the fares paid will then be refunded minus the $50 per person cancel fee. If spaces can not be filled, the fare is then forfeited.



Mary Day reserves the right to turn away any guest who will not abide by the Covid requirements we have set as part of our safe operation of the vessel. Guests who are turned away forfeit their reservation.



  • Be respectful. Take this time as your precious chance to unplug from the outside world. Let go. Take a deep breath. There isn’t much we can do about it anyway. Please don’t “harsh the mellow.”

  • Let’s not talk about politics, religion, or professional sports. These are the things over which wars are started. Have you ever noticed that anyone who wants to talk about these topics wants to express their opinions more than they want to hear yours?

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