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Working together

To  Keep Everyone Safe

Last Update: 08/12/2021  

Hang in there! We got this!

As many folks have inquired - Yes we are still sailing and yes we will be checking for the proper Covid paperwork. Please understand we are working hard to make this season a success and to keep everyone safe and healthy. Please do your part by getting vaccinated.  

*** AS OF AUGUST 12th: Due to the rise of the Delta variant and concerns of all passengers, we are now requiring all who sail on Mary Day to be fully vaccinated.  Sorry, no exceptions. Proof of vaccination is still required upon boarding as well as filling out the Maine Compliance Form (for contact tracing purposes). IF you are currently a passenger booked for a trip for this season (2021), and not vaccinated, we are offering two options for you to choose from: 

1. to slide your 2021 reservation to 2022 (all fees will be waived)

2. to cancel with a full refund

Masks are now required to be worn when visiting indoor public spaces while onshore. Not to worry - if you forget your mask, we'll have a fashionable Mary Day mask for you to adorn. They are stinking cute so why not? We understand regulations in some states may be relaxing or perhaps buckling down, but we owe it to you to keep everyone's guard up and play it safe so we can all enjoy a summer of sailing on Mary Day. Thank you in advance for doing your part. 


  What are your requirements for guests on Mary Day?

As of August 12th, we are now requiring for all guests, crew, and family sailing on Mary Day this summer;

  • Having been fully vaccinated for Covid-19 - NO EXCEPTIONS.



★  Will guests need to show proof of testing or vaccination?

Yes. Every guest shall fill out Maine’s Certificate of Compliance form (click on the link for the form) for the purposes of;​

  • contact tracing

  • confirming that you have been fully vaccinated 

We understand the Maine Certificate of Compliance form states that residents of Maine or states that are currently exempted from testing or quarantine requirements do not have to fill out the form, but for our safety needs we are asking that every guest do so.

For those who are fully vaccinated;


Snail Mail: Schooner Mary Day, PO Box 798, Camden, ME 04843

  • Bring a copy of your vaccination card with you (can be a photocopy, photo on your phone) 



★  Will guests need to be pre-screened before boarding Mary Day?

Depending on the covid situation at the time of sailing, we may ask guests a few pre-screening questions prior to stepping aboard as well as ask for proof of vaccination/testing results. Maine state compliance forms will be collected from those who have not sent them in ahead of time and all forms will be kept on file for 30 days.


★  Will everyone have to wear masks all the time?

Most likely, no if you have been fully vaccinated.  There are places onshore that are requiring them. Come prepared.


★  Are guests required to share accommodations as in the past?

Not this summer. In a “typical” season windjammer guests often end up sharing cabin space with another guest. For this summer only, we have set aside 4 more single accommodations. In addition to our regular single cabins off the main saloon, cabins 7, 8, 11 & 12 will be sold as single accommodations. Of course, those same rooms can be booked per usual for friends and couples. To help guests feel a little more at ease, we are running each cruise this summer with reduced occupancy.


★  What additional sanitizing practices have you implemented for this year?

We’ll incorporate a few structural and behavioral safeguards including plexiglass guards between the galley and main saloon, more opportunities to eat on deck as weather allows, increased number of hand sanitizing stations, and the increased regular use of disinfectants on contact surfaces above decks as well as below. Additionally:

  • Crew and guests will be reminded to practice good hand hygiene with hand sanitizer stations available to use upon entering or exiting above and below deck areas as well as small vessels.

  • Crew and guests may be asked to wear face masks when in common areas below decks or when unable to maintain 6 ft apart of physical distancing. (Excluding times when eating)

  • All contact surfaces in the galley and used in cooking and serving items will be sanitized between uses, especially before and after meal preparations.

  • Each passenger cabin is thoroughly sanitized before every trip (using an EPA-approved sanitizer).

  • UV-C and ozone are part of our disinfection arsenal performed after every cruise.

★  Will you have extra PPE equipment available in case of a suspected covid exposure?

Mary Day will carry extra masks and gloves for crew and guests in case of a covid emergency along with several Covid test kits.


For 2021, the reservation policy is still the same as it has been in other seasons.​

  • A $300 deposit per person, to reserve a space

  • Balance payments due 6 weeks prior to the sailing date.


★  Is your cancellation policy different this year?

Our cancellation policy is still the same as past seasons.​​

  • Cancellations must be made 6 weeks prior to sailing.

  • Cancellations or reservation changes are subject to a $50/person administrative fee.

  • Cancellations received after the balance due date will be refunded, ONLY if we can fill your cabin space.

  • We strongly recommend trip cancellation insurance which most companies will only sell to you shortly after you reserve your cruise.


What happens if I get Covid and have to cancel my trip?

Our normal cancellation policy applies. If you cancel within 6 weeks prior to sailing and if your space(s) can be filled the fares paid will then be refunded minus the $50 per person cancel fee. If spaces can not be filled, the fare is then forfeited.



Mary Day reserves the right to turn away any guest who will not abide by the Covid requirements we have set as part of our safe operation of the vessel. Guests who are turned away forfeit their reservation.



  • Be respectful. Take this time as your precious chance to unplug from the outside world. Let go. Take a deep breath. There isn’t much we can do about it anyway. Please don’t “harsh the mellow.”

  • Let’s not talk about politics, religion, or professional sports. These are the things over which wars are started. Have you ever noticed that anyone who wants to talk about these topics wants to express their opinions more than they want to hear yours?


★  What about bringing cell phones?

No one wants to hear a cell phone ring when trying to escape from it all. Place your cell phone in “schooner” mode, like airplane mode, except the scenery is a whole lot better. Little known fact: cabin walls are thin and voices travel.  Calls can be made while you are ashore each day in the privacy of your own spruce tree.


★  Is there an outlet in my cabin for plugging in items?

There is! Please understand the vessel’s electricity is powered by a battery bank system. Items such as cell phones and CPAP machines are fine. Margarita blenders, white noise machines, hairdryers, electric shavers can all be left behind. Remember, this is all about getting away and simplifying.


★  What about playing music?

We love to play music, so bring your instrument of choice! Otherwise, headphones or earbuds are great to use to not disturb the relaxing, getaway vibe. Vivaldi is good but the Grateful Dead… you get the point.

★  Is alcohol served or can I bring my own?

You are more than welcome to bring your favorite beverage. A passenger ice chest is provided. Please consume alcohol in moderation only. Images on social media have no mercy.


★  I have a CPAP machine, is there a place in the cabin to plug this in?

Yes, you can bring your sleep apnea devices; the greatest single invention since the toaster oven.


  Are young children allowed to sail on Mary Day?

We love kids! We even had two of our own. But the “excitement” of sailing doesn’t always engage a young sailor’s mind. That is why we have an age limit for young ‘uns under 15. We know, yours are different. We have met some 15-year-olds who are more mature than some 50-year-olds. Call us, before you reserve, if you have any questions.