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for 2024

Learn & Help Preserve
a Traditional Skill

4 Day Getaway     July 23 - 27, 2024     $1265 per person


In a world filled with technological advancements, there's no time like the present to learn a traditional skill that's worth perserving. Traditional skills are considered the heritage that we have learned from our ancestors. It is our responsibility to preserve them and pass them on to the next generation, a generation s0 focused on the web (not the Arachnid type of web) that handmade traditional skills are becoming a lost art. Here's your chance to drop the mouse (not the furry kind),  leave the web at home,  and try your hand at a traditional seafaring form of art. 

Requirements Needed:  

  • creative thinking,

  • free time,

  • a little bit of wind in the sails,

  • a gorgeous Maine sunset, 

  •  company of new and old friends

Join us July 23-27 for a 4-day getaway, as we sail the days away, and try your hand at learning how to build a ditty bag. Unleash your creative genes and dive into the past with us.  Our previous event met with enthusiastic participants, who thoroughly enjoyed the experience of crafting personalized bags. We are thrilled to bring back this opportunity on our July 23rd, 4-day cruise, with the skilled Susan Manning, a veritable knotwright and canvas worker, on board to guide you. Sailors of old used these ditty bags to carry their essential tools - from fids and marlinspikes to needles, thread, beeswax, and sail twine. Disclaimer: ditty bag participation is not a requirement for this cruise. It is just an additional feature we are offering in hopes of preserving a seafaring tradition.

Materials Needed:

We provide all you require to start this captivating journey.


Ditty Bag by Passenger Lisa Hyatt

Ditty Bag Cruise.jpeg

Ditty Bag cruise 2023


Knotwright Susan Manning


Talents of Susan Manning

What treasures will your ditty bag hold?

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