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A Bearformation

Good Morning. I hate to say it in fear of jinxing us, but we had another wonderful ‚Äúsummer‚Äù day here yesterday. Temps were well in the 70‚Äôs. Just too bloody hot! Lately I‚Äôm feeling like a bear preparing for the great winter hibernation. My food source (Mary‚Äôs cooking!) has vanished. Each day is spent wondering what‚Äôs for dinner. Working under the cover, sheltered from the Camden ‚Äúfishbowl‚Äù is like the cave or a hollowed out tree where a bear may cuddle up in, safe from the dangers of winter. I too hope this cover provides us safety and doesn‚Äôt end up in Canada! In order for bears to survive, they build up their body weight by accumulating fat. That‚Äôs definitely happening here! In months before a bear hibernates they can gain up to forty pounds of fat PER WEEK. As Barry would say, ‚Äúnot so much‚Äù. I hope that won‚Äôt happen! Bears can also lose from fifteen to forty percent of its body weight just by sleeping! Now that would be a dream! I‚Äôm trying to catch up on all the sleep I missed out on from this past summer‚Ķ.wonder how long I‚Äôd have to sleep to loose a few more pounds??? Bears tend to go into hibernation in early October and emerge sometime in April/May which is same time period we live under this cover. I read once that the hibernation cycle is just another unique adaptation of nature that allows many animals like the bear to survive‚Ķ.many animals‚Ķhumm…I think, or better yet I know I am that animal. So I‚Äôll remain in the hollowed out tree for now and enjoy the ‚ÄúWelcoming‚Äù view. It‚Äôs not a bad tree after all‚Ķ

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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