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Camp Puckerbrush

Good morning everyone. I believe I have experienced too much of a good thing. I have been unable to make anything go on the computer this week because I filled the entire thing with photos…too many photos. So after several trips to the local big box store an hours drive away I have been able to finally slide a whole pile of pictures onto several back-up drives and clear the decks to take another 7 years worth of photos. Techno weenie I am not. Thanks once again to Jim Dugan for his wisdom and council.

I am often asked what we do when we want to go on vacation. To be truthful we don’t really do vacations around here but we do take a few days here and there to get away, mostly at the grace of others willing to invite us “up-ta-camp.” So last weekend we got away to Camp Puckerbrush on South Twin Lake.

Here are a few photos of the inspiration I found in the North Woods of Maine. It was a tad bit chilly in the morning but the days warmed up quickly. Sawyer and I went grouse hunting and we all hiked up Ragged Mt. Mt Katahdin was just magnificent as viewed from my canoe at sunrise. And Bean Hole Beans were a delight… more on that in the next blog.

Not wanting to be a hypocrit for encouraging all of you to go for a swim in Maine’s bracing ocean temperatures, Sawyer and I took an after dinner dip just to complete that relaxing vacation experience. You can tell how relaxing it was by the expression on Sawyers face.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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