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Darkness and Light

Good morning everyone. OK, so this blog does not have a whole lot to do with schooners or windjammers or sailing vacations so if you want to leave now I will not be offended. Today is the winter solstice, as you know, the shortest amount of daylight in our calendar year here in the northern hemisphere. Of course it is the summer solstice on the other side of the equator. So I guess if you wanted to celebrate the summer solstice you wouldn’t be at all in the wrong. I would applaud your ability to see outside the box.

Map from Wikipedia commons

Living and sailing in the mid latitudes (remember, Maine is half way to the North Pole) as we do, we experience a balance that spans a year’s time, maybe many years’ time. To feel the darkness of winter creeping quietly into our homes is not as bad it may appear from the outside. This is our season to rest… emotionally if not physically. We know it takes more physical energy to live and work here in winter. But when the sun goes down and I nestle under a pile of blankets and quilts I feel in tune like the bear who has gone to den. It is what we are meant to do. Tomorrow the light begins to return to our hemisphere, the days lengthen imperceptibly for the next six weeks, and then quite perceptibly until the equinox just three months away. On and on it goes. The overall balance requires the patience and wisdom to see the long run of the seasons. I love the darkness because I know the coming light. I think the acorn has it right, biding its time in the frozen soil, patiently waiting for the warmth of spring and the growth of summer.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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