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Fresh Air

Good morning everyone. Fresh air at last… and plenty of it. The cover came off yesterday as scheduled. The rain poured down as scheduled as well. With rain gear on we took our knives to the shrink wrap under which the schooner has been protected for the last 6 1/2 months. Imagine that… the schooner actually spends more time under cover than exposed to the elements. This is lavish treatment the likes of which our forebears would shake their heads at. We do feel good to have the sunshine pouring in today and know that we are one step closer to going sailing.

We also launched the yawl boat Arno yesterday. She is as tight as a tick, a happy sight for me having just replaced a plank. The harbor was flat calm at low tide so we spun her around end for end into her usual summer position (not pictured here yet). The new crew members remarked how agile Mary is in the yawl boat under the stern. Jen and Sawyer gave a gentle nudge under the bow with Chadwick just to get her spinning. It was like a schooner pirouette. Very cool for me to see how well everyone did. Sawyer took a few turns at the tiller of Chadwick afterwards… a very happy boy.

Today we have a preliminary Coast Guard hull inspection and begin sanding the topsides.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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