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Gone Fishin’

Good morning everyone. Well we had a blast fishing yesterday. The picture should tell it all. Sawyer caught this 15‚Äùbrown trout and I am not certain who was more excited, him or me. The ice was full of friends and families out enjoying a beautiful day. I can see ice fishing gear in our future, as a matter of fact sawyer and Courtney each came home with a complimentary ‚Äútip up‚Äù fishing rig. Like sailing, ice fishing seems to be filled with times of sedentary anticipation and enjoyment of the day interspersed with moments of exhilaration. Like any worthwhile process it takes patience but to see Sawyer‚Äôs beaming ear to ear smile made all the waiting worth its weight in gold. Sawyer’s first question this morning,”Can we go ice fishing today?”

Photo by CB Spady, Captured Images

Hope you have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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