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More Maine Windjammer Magic

Yesterday I was hoping the helm watch would have another day of steering by line of sight but given the fog we were forced to steer by compass. The navigators were thrown headlong into dead reckoning and the bow watch sounded the foghorn at 2 minute intervals.

The marlinspike station had the crew learning the ropes, ticking them off as they walked about the vessel.

Gybing several times as we sailed down wind was our tacking drill for the day.

>A few bald eagles graced us with their hunting displays to the dismay of the gull colonies on Southern Mark Island. But the real thrill of the day was being overtaken by a seal pup. Late in the afternoon I heard a flapping sound under the transom. I figured we had hooked a lobster trap somehow and was pondering how to avoid the small yachts on the radar in front of us and shed this gear dragging behind us. Honestly it sounded like a cormorant beating it wings on the water…flap, flap flap…flap, flap, flap. I dreaded what I would see but peered over the transom just the same and there was a seal pup. Back to the wheel in a hurry to avoid gybing and the oncoming yachts I got the blow by blow from the guests gathered at the transom who said the pup was swimming alongside the rudder and under the yawl boat towing astern. And then it was gone without a trace or any explanation. How cool (and magical) is that?

Have a great day. Be well. Do Good.

Photos by Tom Haraden.

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