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Natural Beauty

Good morning everyone. We have had a wonderful week. Friday was the icing on the cake with a cool NW wind and sunshine aplenty. The NW wind died and went SW with little intermission so our sail was especially good. Wednesday and Thursday were quiet days with afternoon showers and thundershowers, most of which missed us. We were talking on the quarterdeck about how we sail in this little bubble out here. We stayed out of the heat and humidity and away from the hub bub of the mainland.

I have always tried to get the schooner as far from the trappings of life ashore as I can. It is interesting to see how quickly we run for the newspaper or the cell phone when we finally find a town. The message that our naturalists Linda and Turk have conveyed is about taking the time to really look for the goodness in nature. With butterfly net and camera in hand they have guided some very cool explorations ashore and aboard and helped us all take a little closer look at the coast.

I know Linda and Turk were heard by the results that Jim Dugan shared in our “class” slide show last evening. My heart always leaps when I see what others have seen during the week. Jim spent the entire day pouring through hundreds upon hundreds of digital photos taken by everyone aboard. Jim was gratified to see how hard folks worked to experiment with some of his suggestions, framing subjects and capturing light in new ways. The slide show is a way that folks can share with absolutely no judgment and with complete acceptance of what each of us sees through the lens of a camera. Now wouldn’t that be an interesting way to work through conflict resolution. The slide show is also a beautiful example of folks focusing on the beauty and wonder in nature. No one told anyone to focus on beauty in nature. Participants naturally do that which says alot to me about the natural goodness of people. Now how cool is that?

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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