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Offshore Lights and Walking on Water

Good morning everyone. Epic seems to be the word for everything these days. So pardon me if I go with the trend but yesterday was “epic.” We took a hitch offshore to tour Mt Desert Rock Lighthouse. The storm damage from several years ago is still apparent but the stone tower stands true and the horn still sounds. What struck me most about the day was the number of birds we saw. The air was just alive with gannetts, shearwaters, storm petrels,and semi-palmated plovers. Watching the gannetts diving from 40 feet up gave me a headache but nature has provided airbags in their skulls to absorb the shock. Watching the shearwaters take off I realized that they run across the water in an effort to become airborne. How cool is that? We also saw a shark that passed just under the stem of the schooner and the flapping flipper of an ocean sunfish, also known as a mola mola. It was big!

Last night we had some good soaking rains here along the coast but things have cleared off nicely and we are getting ready to go explore Blue Hill Bay.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

PS We do have a few spaces available for the next few weeks, especially for our September 5th Lighthouse tour when we will once again make an extra special effort to get out to see the offshore lights and the pelagic critters that live there. Give Jen a call if you are interested. We are offering a discount for that cruise as well as a donation to the American Lighthouse Foundation.

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