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Old Timey Pictures

Good morning everyone. We are indebted to Nancy Asin who sailed in Mary Day with Capt. Hawkins back in 19??.

maine sailing vacations aboard windjammer mary day

Well I am just guessing but the varnished hatch slides for the main companionway let me know it is well before 1977 when a fire in the main cabin scorched that area. In the picture below I am also not seeing davits for the peapods that were towed behind the schooner or “hipped” clear of the water at the main shrouds in the early days. The fore sheet is well eased and the riffled water shows just a slight breeze.

Maine windjammer cruises aboard the schooner mary day

Guests and Capt of Maine windjammer cruises vacations Mary Day

In this picture we see what I am guessing may be the original wheel. (I think Mary Day is presently on her third wheel.) The steel folding chairs like the one next to the wheel were used for seating in the main cabin early on instead of the current day wooden stools.

The one thing that remains unchanged are the great smiles on everyones faces. The fun, relaxation and camaraderie of a windjammer cruise are timeless and will never go away.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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