Schooner On the Rocks

Jen took today‚Äôs photo of me trekking out to the schooner across the ice. (I am that tiny little dark spot on the ice under the bowsprit) Some of the windjammers have the ability to be dockside and can step aboard at will. Not so much with us. The dock system was left in one winter like this one with disastrous results. The ice is a powerful creature scouring the intertidal zone. I don‚Äôt understand how the rockweed survives it. A few pilings at the newly created harbor head dock facility were plucked up by the ice and toppled just a few weeks back. The schooner actually does well being locked in ‚Äúon the rocks‚Äù as I say. Once locked in, the schooner doesn‚Äôt move so ice chafe is not a big concern. The cold temperatures actually are good for the boat and are part of her longevity. Wooden vessels don‚Äôt rot in these cold temperatures. For those traditional “plank on frame” wooden vessels that head south in to warm waters it is only a matter of time before the Earth reclaims what is has provided. The walk across the ice is not as perilous as might appear. The ice is about 8-10‚Äù thick and growing each day. I could walk around the schooner. I have been told that old timers used to w