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Schooner Yoga

We had a particularly busy day yesterday and the forecast for today is much the same so I will be brief this morning. The kids were home sick, I and another captain had an unexpected meeting with representatives from Senator Snowe‚Äôs office (remember my ADA blog), Jen spent half her day running errands for the school auction committee, I had a couple fire department meetings, the planer needed new knives installed (only one trip to the hardware store), the woodstove in the barn needed a new section of stove pipe and damper, (back to the hardware store, Courtney had rehearsal for this weeknd’s big dance debut (all 55 seconds of it) ’til 7 o’clock last night, and all the office demands to boot. One of our guests finally got through our busy phone line yesterday and commented that he thought this was our slow time of year; not so much I say. But that is OK really. As I told him, we cram into our 5 months off the schooner what everyone else has the entire year to do. There is a certain sense of job security here and not everyone can say that. I just have to remember to keep breathing. I look forward to yoga on a warm sunny beach.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


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