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Shining Bright

Good morning everyone. The winds lightened up quite a bit despite the forecast for 15-20 knot winds. They just never came. So much of the day was easy sailing back and forth, upwind towards Camden. The heat and humidity have settled back in to the state as one more (final?) blast of summer temperatures settles back into Maine. Even the deer take a dip in the water, swimming from one island to another. A fabulous event to behold!

The cormorant I mentioned in yesterday's entry spent the night sitting on the boom. Jen finally woke it up during washdown when it stretched slowly, nodded its head, and gracefully flew off.

This has been a wonderful week. Great people are the name of the game for us and this week has been no let down. We have sailed many miles, seen many lighthouses, and had many laughs. I was up on deck last night and the canopy of stars reminded me of the richness of what happens here. When I look up I can either see the sky as a flat assembly of twinkling lights or if I squint just right I can sense the 3 dimensional richness of the universe. I see these windjammer cruises as 3 dimensional. I see lights sitting all over the cabin houses, the rocking chair, the lazarettes, around the tables at meal time. Everyone aboard has richness and texture that I will never know fully but which I am privileged to be touched by. I get overwhelmed by it all. Just like the lighthouses along the shore there are many stories to be discovered in the lights aboard. Some we see from a distance, some we get to know up close. It is all very beautiful.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good. Shine bright.

Photos by Barry & Jen.

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