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The Great Storm

Good morning everyone. Well the very large storm that arrived here Sunday afternoon should explain in part the lack of blog entries the last few days. I was just returning from my “Pumps” course at school this weekend when it started to snow. The wind really picked up here on Sunday night and by Monday AM the power was gone and I was able to put my pumps training to work, pumping basements that is. I have been quite busy between the fire department and the ambulance service. Jen has been holding the fort here at home, no small task with 2 small kids and 3 new crew that are in this strange place where the weather seems to have no interest in the painting plans of the schooner.

Working aboard the schooner was out of question even if we could have driven there. Before the roads washed out Jen did manage to drive in to check the schooner on Monday morning at the top of the tide and reported seeing the small schooner Surprise pitching its bowsprit into the swells in the protected lee of the Wayfarer Marine docks! Mary Day was dancing on her moorings but secure none the less. Camden outer harbor was feather white with foam with gusts to near 70 miles an hour and the launching ramp was covered with small boulders tossed about like marbles. Thankfully the cover over the schooner stayed intact and our weekend storm preparations were never tested.

We are in for another day of wind and rain before things break tomorrow afternoon. The forecast has indicated a warm dry trend over the weekend so we are hoping to paint like crazy at the first sign of sun. And hopefully this blog will get back on some kind of track. Thanks for your patience.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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