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The Morning After

Good morning everyone. Yesterday was a long and very beautiful day. After a quiet night at anchor we pushed our way down the east Islesboro shore in a very light Nly wind. We turned the corner at Laselle I and made one last tack into Camden. The foliage in the Camden Hills is turning but clearly muted this year by the lack of rainfall. Just the same it was gorgeous site to my eyes. I was savoring it all the way. Yesterday was one final sweet kiss before we had to start the work of getting the schooner ready for winter.

Our arrival at the dock was our non-standard “bow-in” winter approach to the beach. What all summer were the bow lines were passed back to the stern and hauled up tight to brake our momentum. What all summer were the stern lines were passed up to bows and hauled up tight. It went as smoothly as one could ask for. Sometimes I get the sense that after 15 years I am finally figuring out how to drive this thing.

I was sad to see the guests depart. The whole schooner’s reason for being was walking up the dock one last time. By days end the schooner was a bare shell. Sails, mattresses, life jackets, cushions, food, were all back home. We were lucky to have a dry day, very lucky. We were also lucky to have tons of help. Jim Dugan, our “not just another pretty face” web and photography guru was on hand to help take off sails. That is him on the end of the main boom. Bruce “if I can’t fix it I’ll make sure no one can” Greenleaf was also a huge help.

So there you have it, no more windjamming for another year. Now begins the work of getting ready for next year. We will start in today in earnest putting things to bed and sanding and painting everything we can before the weather turns cold.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good. And thanks to everyone who has sailed with us, who has brought life to this schooner and brought this schooner to life. We will miss your laughter, miss your singing, miss your stories, miss the sailing and the islands. We hope your winter is as wonderful as ours. I will keep you up-to date on preparations for winter and all the goings on here in Appleton.

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