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The Spirit Lives

Good morning everyone and a Merry Christmas to you all. Our Christmas celebration is a simple one. Last night friends stopped by and Sawyer read us Clement Moore’s “Night Before Christmas”. Today we will open a few gifts, some hand made and a few that bring food to the tables of others. We eat good food with appreciation for those who have made it possible, the farmers and fisherman, the good Earth and bountiful seas. The elves have been burning the midnite oil for weeks and will sleep well tonite in the wake of cherubs who could not sleep a wink last nite in restless anticipation of the arrival of the Big Man, Mr. Magic himself, the spirit of the day, St Nicholas. I am humbled by the magnitude of generosity, kindness, and compassion that is generated and magnified this time of year. Clearly the spirit lives in our children and in child-like hearts around the world. Whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year may your blessings be many and may your heart be filled with the spirit of a child.

Be well. Do good. Have a very happy holiday.

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