Time and Tide

Good morning everyone. I am healing nicely, at least that’s what the press release says and I am sticking to the story. Believe it if you will. I am way less sore today and am getting ready to go plow from the last 48 hours of flurries and mixed precipitation. This is one of those snow falls that coats everything with a hard crusty rime ice about an inch thick on the wind shield. Add to that a dead battery on the plow truck and you get a challenging morning right off the bat. But Jen managed to jump the plow truck in fine fashion and away we go.

I have been thinking about tides the last few days. High tide is such a joy. The world is so clean. No messy inter-tidal zone. No bathtub ring. It is much easier to get provisions to the schooner because the ramp is level. For lots of reasons high tide is a joy. High tide also hold the peril of running aground and being stuck for hours, maybe even days. So high tide requires no less attention to lifes direction than low.

And then there is low tide. A whole different critter that uncovers the mess that high tide covers. I am kind of feeling like the mudflats are exposed at the moment. But it is