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Using My Head

Good morning everyone. Seems like I was just here with you a few minutes ago. I am not sure what happened to yesterday but it vaporized and I am still not certain what it is we did. Mary placed some food orders in the morning. The crew and I did a few hours of training in the yawl boat and rowing. We practiced coming up alongside docks under power and oars. All of this training is a good break from painting and reinforces that we will be sailing soon. But don’t you worry, we did some painting yesterday as well so we are in good shape. We touched up where the spar stands sat upon the cabin houses and deck.

We are in for a good slug of rain today so we will head below decks to finish off a few details. I get to climb into the “engine room” where all the plumbing comes together behind the cook stove to get the fresh water system up and running. As I tell Mary, it is a bit of schooner yoga. Mary tells me it keeps me young. Grumble, grumble, sputter…says the captain. I often tell my crew that a Coast Guard license is not a ticket up the ladder but rather a ticket to the bilges. Nothing stops a cruise faster than a broken head. As our dear departed friend, the Major, always said about living in combat conditions, soldiers will go anywhere and do anything if they have a suitable place to relieve themselves. I can only take his word for it. My advice to guests and parents of little children, plan ahead and use the head before you head ashore.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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