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What A Day

The bay seems to be teeming with wildlife this spring. We sighted two razor billed auks and a storm petrel the day before. And late yesterday afternoon we sighted a whale breeching, at least a half dozen leaps clear of the water. We are debating wether it was a very young humpback or an adult minke. The spout was not distinct enough for us to truly identify it. Some folks have told me that minkes do not spout although I have read that their spout is indistinct because they begin their exhale before reaching the surface. I found a photo of the spray from a minke spout but the mystery of yesterday’s matinee is still with me. And that is OK! I would guess she was about 30 feet long. That was truly a spectacular show. Of course I was too slow with the camera to share it wth you. I think we were all so stunned that the moment was all we could think of.

The wind provided some great sailing as we raced up wind with 6 of the other windjammers. This shot of the Lewis R French is typical of how close we get to each other sometimes. We can see the whites of their eyes. We took a long tack from North Haven up to see the Indian I. Lighthouse before running down wind to Gilkeys. We chased the French the entire way anchoring up within just a few moments of each other. What an exciting day!

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


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