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Wild Times

Good morning everyone. Another delightful day here in windjammer world. After Wednesday night’s picnic we pushed across to Mackerel Cove, Swan’s Island. Of course we had to get up to visit the Earl of Swan’s. Earl was waiting to greet guests and talk about his garden and island living. This is the height of Earl’s social season so he couldn’t visit long. He had plans to go for a boat ride to North Haven for lunch with summer friends Becky, John, and Betty. Earl sent a bouquet of parsley and basil back for Ina and a very special something for Zeke. More on that in a moment.

Under way just before lunch with a light SSE wind that carried us out through Jericho Bay and down the east side of Isle Au Haut with the ebb tide. I am not sure what possessed me to stop at Great Spoon I. but it seemed like a crazy idea that might just work. We anchored up in the bight and got folks ashore with ease. Getting to the top of the island didn‚Äôt take long. I have admired the wildness of this remote offshore island for many many years and to have perfect conditions to get ashore for a hike was beyond what I could imagine. There is a black basaltic dike down the west side of the island like a great fissure in the otherwise undisturbed craggy landscape…. no trees…. just shrubs and grasses and a tide polished cobblestone beach berm that holds back a salt pond. I stood the watch aboard so the crew could enjoy the island. I wanted them to see what I feel so deeply about the wildness that is still here. On the distant horizon inshore I could see a flotilla of vessels from a well know yacht club cruise descending like clumsy ants on the islands of Merchant Row and was determined to avoid their din of activity. The wildness here is as much a feeling I cherish as it is a place to explore the empty corners of ones soul. These remote offshore islands are the pearl of wildness still here in the islands of Maine.

At days end as we were preparing for dinner Zeke asked a small favor. Apparently Earl, a fine judge of the ladies, secreted a female friend aboard for Zeke with one of the guests. I was a little taken aback by the suddenness of this decision but duly performed a wedding with ship’s company present, the third wedding ceremony this season. Ah, zucchini love!

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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