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Windjammer Ice Scupltures

Good morning everyone. Below normal temps again this morning but the promise of a warm sunny day; temperature is forecasted to soar right up in to the 20s today. A friend left 2 snowmobiles in the yard a few years ago and we fired them up yesterday for a ride around the field. Sawyer and Courtney loved it. “Mama, daddy, can we do it again.” Yes, Jen jumps right onto the snowmobiles just a quick as I do. Go Mama. Today Sawyer has his first big ski race at the Camden Snow Bowl.

There is a winter festival in the Harbor Park in Camden this weekend. I was marveling at the sculptures in the amphitheater. On display for all to see were these crystal clear hand carved ice statues. After admiring what the human hand can so delicately create I went out to check the schooner. All dry in the bilges. Cover in tact. Harbor froze over out to the yacht club. As I walked back up the beach from the schooner I couldn’t help but notice the ice sculptures on the beach created by a different hand.

Enjoy this beautiful day. Be well. Do good.

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