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Zeke at a Lobster Bake

Good morning everyone. The weather continues to bless us with sunny days and clear nights. We had a brief fireworks show Tuesday night as a cold front passed off the coast. Last night we sat on deck telling “Zeke” stories and counting shooting stars. The annual Perseid meteor showers peak tonight so get out and watch the magic.

We enjoyed a wonderful picnic yesterday afternoon in the shade on a sand/shell beach surrounded by pink granite and a wonderful view of Mt Desert and the schooner. Zeke went a little crazy at the limbo contest.

I am not sure we should have let him try a sip of whine. He was a regular party animal (?vegetable?). There are some photos I just can’t share… this being a family vacation after all. Zeke and I will have a long heart to heart today. If he plans on making it ’til the end of the cruise he really needs to clean up his act. I will also tell you that he was involved in a bit of a scandal when he suddenly disappeared, replaced by a ransom note. He was discovered in the hand bag of one of our lady guests. Fingers were pointing everywhere. She said… he said… the truth is muddled by rumor and innuendo. Thankfully Zeke will live to enjoy another beautiful day sailing the coast of Maine.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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