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Selecting the right dog whistle for your ESA: Essential checklist - 2022 Guide

Dog whistles do not only save you from the embarrassment of stupidly shouting at dogs in crowded and noisy places. The sound produced by dog whistles are only audible to dogs and no human can hear it. This makes dog whistles quite handy when you do not want to disturb the surrounding people while calling your dog. Have you been overwhelmed by the variety of available dog whistles? Have you been struggling to find the best dog whistle for your ESA dog? Well, worry no more. I have got you. In this blog, we are going to talk about things that you must consider before selecting a dog whistle for your emotional support animal letter.

Have you been wondering about how to give a command to your dog from a distance? Have you been thinking of buying a dog whistle to train and communicate with your dog? A dog whistle is the best tool to communicate with a dog from a long distance and even in crowded and noisy places.

You must be wondering how to get one’s hand on an ESA dog? Well, anyone can get an ESA dog or any other animal by simply getting an ESA letter from a licensed mental health professional. You can go visit your mental health professional in the morning or on the coming weekend and ask him to prescribe an ESA letter.

Buying a dog whistle might sound like a walk in the park, where nothing can go wrong. But actually, it is not that simple. There are many things that one need to consider while selecting a dog whistle for their dog:

Do you not have a mental health professional? Well, you still do not need to worry. You can still get your esa letter for housing delivered to your place of residence. Numerous websites offer online ESA letters. They delivered the letter to your home. However, you should be extra careful while paying a website for an ESA letter. You need to confirm that the letter is signed by a professional, who is practicing in your state of residence.

Type of dog whistles

Dog whistles are of various types and you have to select one which is more suitable for your dog;

  • Silent dog whistle: These are very common and produce an ultrasonic tone that is only audible to dogs.

  • Pea dog whistles: As evident by the name, these whistles have a small ball inside that produces a “trill” sound. Different commands could be given by varying blow rates.

  • Pea fewer dog whistles: These are pealess and produce a quick blast of sound with a comparatively higher pitch.

  • Dual-tone dog whistles: These whistles have two chambers, one with a pea inside and the other one without any pea. Therefore, produce varying tones containing both trill sound and solid sound.


For a whistle to work effectively, the dog whistle must have the right frequency and pitch. You must select a whistle whose frequency falls in between the audible range of dogs.


One of the main reasons for buying a dog whistle is to equip dog owners to be able to deliver commands to their dogs even from long distances. Therefore, you must select a whistle that your dog can hear from long distances.


Losing a dog whistle could have a disastrous effect on communication with your dog. Therefore, before finalizing a dog whistle you need to make sure that it is easily replaceable.


You can either buy a metallic or a plastic dog whistle. However, you need to make sure that the whistle is made of good quality material and is durable. You do not want a whistle that would break if accidentally stepped on. For more information, do visit visit

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