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A Hat Full of Breeze

Yep…. September never disappoints. With a deep reef in the main, fore, and staysail, Mary Day is a delight to handle in 25-30 knots. Fingertip steering with just a whisker of weather helm. 8+ knots on the wind. 9+ on a broad reach. All the while cakes baking in an un-gimbaled wood stove that didn’t come out looking like wedges. I think I love sailing Mary Day in a stiff breeze with this sail configuration as much as I do with topsails flying. The crew drove the boat the majority of the afternoon practicing tacking in a breeze, learning that with the right sail configuration a schooner is a damn handy rig, learning that you don’t have to back the staysail to come about but that tail ropes can come in handy. I feel lucky to sail in this boat and with this crew.

Be well. Do good. Reef early.

(Image by Capt Molly Eddy)

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