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Tips to Help
Plan Your Trip to the Coast of Maine

Packing Tips

  • soft-sided luggage

  • comfort clothes

  • barebone essential items 

  • adult beverage of choice

  • and a sense of adventure

Windjamming is all about ease, simplicity, and leaving all your cares behind. There is no room for extra clutter. Storage space is limited so bringing just the essentials is key. Let the wind and sun be your hairdryer, no need for fancy wear - it's time for comfort and relaxation. Each cabin has an outlet for charging cell phones and CPAP machines. No need for any other appliances as electricity is provided thru a battery bank. Your bed will be made upon your arrival with towels provided. Delicious meals made from hands and heart will be delicately crafted and served, with the exception of dinner on boarding night. Bring your favorite adult beverage of choice to enjoy with a sunset. The ice chest will be waiting. Let us take care of the itinerary. Travel lightly, carefree, and allow yourself the time to just relax and enjoy your time on Mary Day.

Click the button above for a list of suggested items.

Simplicity is the way of life
onboard a windjammer.
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Travel Tips

  •  Boston, MA  to Camden, ME -  4 hrs

  •  Portland, ME to Camden, ME -  2 hrs

  •  Bangor, ME to Camden, ME -  2 hrs

  •  Manchester, NH to Camden, ME - 3 hrs

When planning your travel arrangements, be sure to factor in summer traffic in Maine. Boarding starts at 4pm and guests trickle in all evening long. No need to rush as the first night is spent at the dock. Take time to enjoy the travels to Maine and explore Camden. Free parking is available.  Mary Day returns to the dock on the last day of each trip by 11am, again allowing you travel time to leisurely return home. Don't rush away all the work you just put in to relax while on your windjammer trip. Re-enter the world when you're ready. Be sure to factor in time to travel to the airports on your return trip. 

Click on Getting to Maine for detailed info on airports, shuttles, and rental cars. 

Live life with no excuses,

 travel with no regrets. 

Places to Stay

Extend your stay in the Mid-Coast area as there is so much to see and do!

By staying at one of our favorite Inns, you'll benefit by having a built-in tour guide from recommending restaurants to sunset spots to hiking trails. For those who shy away from the impersonal nature of hotel rooms, the Inns are exactly what you need with innkeepers providing the perfect personalized experience. And of course, each day will be started with a homecooked breakfast. What a great way to add on to your Mary Day experience. 

A journey is best measured in friends, rather than in miles.

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Local Attractions & Places to Dine

Mid-Coast Maine has much to offer! Be sure to check out our guide, Beyond the Beaten Path. filled with our favorite things to do in the Mid-Coast area.  For events and local attractions, check out the PenBay Chamber of Commerce guide. 

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There is no time to be bored

in a place as beautiful

as the Maine coast.

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