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Let's work together to keep everyone safe.
Know the risks ahead of time.

As you look forward to your Maine windjammer vacation please be sure to understand that sailing on    
Mary Day; 
  • is an active windjammer vacation experience,
  • is not for everyone, as Mary Day is very different than a cruise ship,
  • that sailing on a traditional vessel has limitations, and
  • there will always be "Mercurial Maine " weather.  Weather varying from a perfectly crisp sunny day to mysterious moments of being blanketed by fog, all to heighten your senses.
Along with our crew, we work hard for you;
  • to make you feel welcome within our schooner family,
  • to provide you with clean and comfortable accommodations,
  • to provide you with amazing meals made with our hands and heart,
  • to assure you that we follow and practice up-to-date safety protocols for USCG-inspected commercial vessels.
We can not guarantee you;
  • that the windjammer experience is the perfect vacation for you,
  • that there will be a breeze each and every day, 
  • or that the weather will be to your desired liking.
By working together;
  • you are confident that this type of vacation is the right fit for you, 
  • we guarantee wind, weather, anchorages, and an unpredictable experience, as
  • we assure you that your trip will be a memorable vacation.
By reviewing and signing the "Windjammer Cruise Contract/Waiver",
  • you understand the company's cancellation/refund policy,
  • you understand the inherent risks involved, 
  • you have verified that you are suitable for a windjammer vacation, and
  • you understand your rights as a passenger as well as Mary Day's vessel policies, practices, and procedures. 

You understand that Mary Day's "Windjammer Cruise Contract/Waiver";
  • is required of ALL guests sailing on Mary Day,
  • that ​minors must have a waiver signed by a legal guardian,
  • that waiver must be signed at the time of booking a reservation,
  • that all guests will be allowed to sail on Mary Day only after turning in a signed waiver.​
. ​

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