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Captains Are Busy; Photographer Posts Blog Entry

So it falls to me to fill you in today. I apologize for the late-morning posting. I’ve had some work to do but, let’s face it, I just don’t get up as early (Oh-Dark-Thirty) as Barry and Jen.

Hauling the boat out of the water is a major operation and the pressure is really on for the (usually) 2-3 days of bottom work. It’s mostly a process of scraping and pressure-washing off old loose paint, checking all planks and replacing a few, filling and caulking all spaces between planks, then repainting the bottom.

Luckily, the weather looks great for the next couple of days. So they should be able to make the Mary Day “tight as a tick” as Captain Barry likes to say.

All for today, Jim Dugan

(Captains: feel free to correct anything I got wrong)


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