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Diggin’ Out

Good Morning Everyone. What a wild day yesterday was. The wind just howled here and a new 10” of snow piled up before it all stopped with a drizzly rain that sealed the top with a skim coat of ice. Although we shoveled twice yesterday to keep ahead of the inch/hour blizzard conditions we will be at it again this morning. I am getting ready to head out to plow the remainder of what I did not get on the first round yesterday for the neighbors and ourselves. The “Full Worm” moon made an appearance after midnight casting shadows of the trees across the newly fallen snow. I think the full moon and the snow are nature’s cure for seasonal affective disorder.

So today’s photos tell the story… the apple does not fall far from the tree. Sawyer has his own Fisher yellow plow that we put together on his trike, the Dirt King. He usually rides in the truck with me but that never seems to be enough. He has learned to back drag and maneuver the snow off the edge of the deck all by pedal power. He has learned that a gentle controlled nudge of the bank breaks the icy mounds so that they can get pushed back a little further. Sawyer’s dexterity and skill is all a little much for these proud parents to witness so thanks for bearing with us. The rising sun, still well below the ridge, is casting a pinkish glow across the western sky telling me it is time to get busy.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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