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Everything We Need

Here we are in Mackerel Cove on Swan's Island this morning. We had a good sail yesterday when the wind finally arrived. We sailed with the outgoing tide down to the Fox Island Thorofare and pushed for a few hours while the wind made up its mind. Coming onshore in the late afternoon we sailed right through diner to end up here.

The sun is setting noticeably earlier these days, before 1930 hours. The nearly full moon rose above the tree line just as the sun set. This morning we were ashore visiting Earl of Swan's. There is an entire story there about this 90 year young wonderful man who lives year round here and has just been acknowledged by the folks at Harvard University for his contributions to the world with a Doctorate of Lettuce. Earl keeps a modest garden where he grows friends as well as vegetables and flowers. He sends a contribution to Mary every time we are here this time consisting of swiss chard, basil, and parsley as well a bouquet of roses, sweet pea flowers, and baby's breath. I often tell guests before we go ashore about how there is nothing here except a quiet place to go for a walk and a loving man named Earl. What else could one need?

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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