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First Aid Afloat

This weekend the crew of Mary Day, along with the captains and crews from four other windjammers participated in a very special weekend long first aid and CPR course specifically focused on providing emergency care for our guests in the windjammer environment.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

Thanks once again to Jim Dugan for his photographic skills. By the way…. just so you don’t think he is just another pretty face, Jim is currently playing Gloucester in the Camden Civic Theater’s production of King Lear. The Camden Civic Theater, and Jim in particular, have earned high praise for their talent and dedication. We are very proud of you Jim. During this June’s photography cruise Jim will be presenting an original one act play, Life According to Gloucester, with interpretive dance to Johnny Nash’s 1972 hit song “I Can See Clearly Now”. (I have to confess that I am just kidding… you know how these internet things can get out of hand. But I bet Jim could do it. We haven’t found anything he can’t do.)


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