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Foggy Fall Windjammers

Good morning everyone. Nothing can be stranger than the weather around Camden. Temperatures have been extremely warm these past few days. Fog was hanging heavy on the harbor on Saturday morning and I just couldn’t resist getting my camera out to photograph the windjammers and the ducks that were hunkering down at the head of the harbor. We had a strong blow on Saturday night that took down a long deceased wolf pine here in the dooryard. Oddly enough we slept right through it never hearing the crash over the howl of the wind in the trees. Thankfully the leaf reefing process is done and the windage on the limbs has mostly been alleviated.

We had a spring tide on the fourteenth that was quite a phenomenon with water lapping at the flukes. The moon was at perigee and also full (the full Beaver Moon) within a day of each other causing the tide to rise high above the wall as the leaf line tells.

I am amused to see duck heads bobbing along at eye level with the wall and to see the docks all uphill. The jump up on to the wall is an easy one.

A lone gull stood watch on a now isolated piling that supports summer docks that rest quietly ashore.

Today is supposed to be the last warm one we will see for a while so Jen and I will be aboard painting the off-white trim in the galley. This next week will be spent tearing apart the very tired old paint floats and securing the last of the schooner’s systems. Deckhand Rob has moved on for the time being. With luck we may be seeing his smiling face gracing the decks again in the spring.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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