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Forever Young

For those who have sailed with us, you know already about how cool a windjammer experience is; massive sails filled with the warm breeze that carries you swiftly through the coastal waters while winding about the hundreds of spruce-topped granite islands. Wildlife peeking up here and there gracefully flying or swimming by. The star-filled night sky offering a moment to pause, reflect and dream. A huge part of sailing on Mary Day is just being outside, unplugging to catch the perfect moment to cherish and to recharge one's soul.

But there is another side of Mary Day that makes this experience unique. The people. From the amazing guests who come each week, to share their stories, their families, their hearts to the crew who do it all and then some, and then do it all again, and again and again. We owe it all to them. For their fortitude, resilience, elasticity, willingness to learn, and ask “how high?” when asked to jump. With big hearts filled with compassion to songs and laughter, they do it all. Without our amazing crew, we could not and would not be here, sailing Mary Day.

This weekend we say goodbye to MC so she can head back to college. (We tried Momma Jill to do our best to keep her here!) We are always in awe of the many hidden talents our crew has. MC’s operatic voice will be greatly missed. We have been graced with her inner beauty of a song, spunky spirit, and hard-working attitude. She is just one of the special six on Mary Day that we are lucky to have as part of our schooner family. It’s a bittersweet goodbye, but we hope not forever as we love it when our crew come back, if not soon, then someday in the future.

From the words of Bob Dylan,

we wish MC all the best.....

"May your hands always be busy

May your feet always be swift

May you have a strong foundation

When the winds of change shift

May your heart always be joyful

May your song always be sung

May you stay, Forever Young."

Be well. do good. stay forever young.

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Super Yummy, Right?


Gladi Vinca
Gladi Vinca
Aug 13, 2021

we too, enjoyed MC's announcing meals. It was a real joy to get to know her. We wish her the best.


Gay H Norton
Gay H Norton
Aug 13, 2021

MC's annoucing of meals brought a smile to my face everyday while on the mary day. Have a great year, take care and enjoy :)

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