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Galley Gadgets

Good morning everyone. As any of you who have sailed with me know I love gadgets. Creating new and easy ways of doing things is a fun challenge for me even if I am slow on the uptake. So here is a gadget I have tried before that I felt I should share with the universe. I am sure I am not the first person to think of this but, hey, this works slicker than greased owl droppings and it reeks just enough of red neck that the devil in me just has to laugh.

We buy our peanut butter by the 9 lb. tub. The stuff we buy is that organic, all natural stuff with the hefty layer of oil on top when you open the lid. I have tried inverting the tub every few days to get the oil to work its way through but getting even consistency is still a challenge. Who hasn’t got to the bottom of this kind of a peanut butter tub to find a layer of peanut butter cement? The mother of invention was not necessity. It was laziness as any of you who have tried to hand stir peanut butter will know. If you do not own a cordless drill now is the time to head to the local hardware store and buy one. 12 volts won’t do it. Get the 18 volt model if you can and while you are than get yourself a drill mounted, all metal paint stirrer. No plastic! You can see where this is going, can’t you?

A picture is worth a thousands words so I will not go through the directions on how to do this. I will offer one piece of advice. Do not try to stir the bottom up too early in the mixing process. Gently work you way up and down through the tub. If you have 2 speed drill keep it on the low speed, high torque mode. Don’t ask me how I know this… just take my word for it. Of course you will need to disinfect the paint stirrer first with soap and water and a bleach rinse. The results are smooth as can be and can be transferred to a smaller container for daily use. Thank you George Washington Carver!

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

P.S. None of the manufacturers of any of these products condone my behavior or the use of their products in the manner described nor did my mother think this was very good idea. These pictures were taken of a trained professional operating in a controlled environment. Try this at home at your own risk.

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