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Highly Variable

Good morning everyone. Well it has been a soggy last few days up here with a cold easterly wind. As usual we have made the best of it in fine fashion with mittens and hats and lots of layers. Is this really July? For those of you that have been living in blistering hot temperatures a trip to Maine will cool you off in short order. By the time you read this it will be sunny and warm again with rebounding temperatures and more normal Maine summer weather. The sun’s golden light is already warming the decks. And so it goes here in New England. The weather is highly variable. But one thing is constant and that is great guests. We have a fun mix of seasoned sailors and folks who are new. I think the age range is from 15 to 80. Folks are here from California, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Massachusetts, and more. The people are as variable and wonderful as the weather.

Yesterday we enjoyed a special treat when we visited Frenchboro, Long Island. As is normal I gave passengers a homework assignment to discover how may residents winter over on Long Island and more importantly how many kids are in the school. That number in particular tells more about the health of any island community. 12-14 students was the number many walkers came back with for the Frenchboro school. On Tuesday morning we visited Isle Au Haut and learned that there were 6 in the school there. Resourcefulness is the name of the game for island schools and no better resource can be found than the children in the one room school houses who grow up teaching each other and learning together. They invented the idea that no one, ever, would be left behind. How else could you have a lunch time soccer game?

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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