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Hot water and Cool Air

Good morning everyone. Yesterday was a day of extremes. We left Camden in a thick of fog only to find things cleared right off as soon as we reached Mark I. From there we caught a very light southerly breeze that carried us up towards Egg Rock. For about an hour we drifted lazily in the heat and humidity. At last I just could not take it any more with the temperature hovering around 80 in the hot sun.

The pool was opened and half of us jumped in for swim. The water was the warmest I have felt in years. The precision hardware store thermometer indicated the water temperature was 70 degrees, at least the top 12 inches.

The swim call ended when the wind came onshore and we caught a nice breeze for the rest of the afternoon. The breeze brought 65 degree temperature air in off the ocean and with it came the fog again. So we received a second chance to cool off reaching for wind breakers and sweaters. We had a great sail and beat our way in to anchor here in Carvers Cove.

The herring fisherman have queued their seine nets in dories here in anticipation of the evening when the herring shoal up at the head of the cove. Herring makes great lobster bait and, when packed in a can, wonderful sardines. I do love a good sardine sandwich.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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