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Inspection and Load Test

With inspection done by early Monday afternoon we welcomed aboard our first guests, Sawyers classmates and their parents, for an overnight dockside adventure. What better load test for the schooner than a group of first graders. Some of you may well have felt the tremor in the noosphere. Excited is the word we parents use to convince ourselves that we have some control over the barely contained mayhem in front of us and that it really is not as bad as it looks. And we were worried about the Coast Guard. The kids had a blast, the parents and teacher got exhausted and the schooner survived with nary a scratch in the paint. The next morning we cooked blueberry pancakes on the wood stove and gave the kids a chance to climb in the rig. Little kids have no fear. Parents only fear little kids.

So we are putting the finishing touches on the schooner and there are a million details left, food to stow, wood for the cook stove, a few lines we need to re-lead, the jib topsail to bend on. The projects are never ending aboard any boat and we have all summer to pick away at them. By fall we should have the boat ready to put to bed.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


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