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Life Lessons

Good morning everyone and a happy new years wish to all of you. We have spent the last two weeks celebrating the holidays and enjoying our first holiday season at home… no traveling out of state. Thankfully friends and family were close at hand and we just soaked in the warmth of companionship. Even our dog, Colby, had company in the form of her brother, Sherman, who visited us for 10 days. Born just a year ago they shared their December 27th birthday together. I know this time of year is filled with resolutions and wishes for health and happiness in the year ahead. With all of the troubles of the world caving in upon us each day it is very difficult not to be distracted from the real work in our lives. But as I have watched Colby I realize how much my year has been enriched by the presence of a dog.

At the risk of repeating some often used clichés these are lessons I learned from Colby:

1) wag your tongue less and your tail more 2) make your love unconditional 3) a small bone is a huge gift 4) naps are very good for you 5) go outside for a walk first thing in the morning and just before you go to bed 6) instinct is like stink… just sniff… if it doesn’t smell right it probably isn’t 7) snuggle up to your friends at every possible chance

So if I have a new years resolution it is to follow the example set by those whose lives are far less complicated. I could do no better than to be more like a dog.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

P.S. Gussie, our cat, is not in the slightest offended by this blog. She still rules the roost in no uncertain terms and is loved as equally as Gussie. Dogs love unconditionally. Cats have to think about it.

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