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Living Large

Good morning everyone. Have you ever felt like life was larger than you? The hero in this picture was not afraid to row up to the giant island and pluck a little seaweed for our lobster picnic. On this particular day we needed to gather seaweed before the rising tide hid it from our reach at picnic time later that afternoon. Gently he sculled his way between the rocks that guarded the entrance to this cleft in the island, the only calm spot available, affording him the opportunity to do his work and leave without stoving in a plank. Successfully Eric returned and away we sailed with our picnic plans secure.

So if you are ever feeling a little overwhelmed by the swell (and we sure are these days), look for that safe little cleft in the giant island in which to find calm waters to grab a little of life’s good stuff.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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