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Not Half Bad

Isle Au Haut is one of my favorites. Sharing that anchorage with guests feels like real privilege. We had a couple hours to hike in the park and explore the village. The church there high above the harbor overlooks the Camden Hills. Inspiration is not difficult to find in the simple hardwood pews and stained glass windows. Coyotes have made their presence know there recently. Last Fall we saw one swim across the Thorofare. The deer are actually a sub-species of white tail that are genetically smaller from having evolved to the limited food supply the island affords. I have camped on Isle Au Haut many nights and cherish my sense of the place. Of course I feel that way about all of the Maine coast but some spots just sit a little closer to my heart.

Yesterday we sailed off shore to see the puffins at Seal Island. They were there but not nearly as numerous as in past years. We wondered whether scheduling a puffin cruise while the puffins were nesting was such a good idea. You see… they nest in burrows underground. You need real specially binoculars to see through the granite ledge. Still we got our fill of puffins and many terns and auks. The northerly wind that carried us offshore so effortlessly came onshore just as we reached the Seal Island and carried us right back in to the light at Owls Head. Not half bad I say… not half bad!

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


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