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Out Straight

Good morning everyone. I will not apologize for my lack of blog last week… we have literally been out straight trying to get the schooner ready.

I don’t even have pictures of the glorious paint work that has been applied to the cabin houses. Rob, Katie, Sarah and Johanne have been busting their butts and the elbow grease really makes things shine. We will be headed for the railway this next week so the cover will be coming off Monday or Tuesday. Our new cook Ina arrives Tuesday and comes to us with several years of experience cooking aboard other schooners.

I should get you up to date on our project that is yet undercover at this time. The spruce boards and wood chips tell a good chunk of the story. Take a very old spruce tree… cut it into small pieces… and mill those pieces so that we can glue them back together. Seems kind of silly but it will be strong. To make a long (really long!) board we join several shorter borads end to end using glued scarfs. The glued scarfs are 18 inches long using a 12:1 taper, more than the 8:1 taper recommended by the epoxy manufacturer.

OK Ed and Alton… how thick are the pieces being joined together? And how many clamps does one need to own to do this successfully. That is actually a trick question because as we all know you can never have enough clamps!

It looks like a porcupine as we look down the row of clamps. Why have all the clamps pointing up like that? Because this whole glue process is happening 34″off the barn floor and I need to be able to get to both sides without getting skewered. I am ready for the limbo contest.

Have a great day. Be well. Do Good.

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