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Pelagic Magic

Good morning everyone. We are nestled in to the protected cove of Pretty Marsh this morning. The wind has been NE for the past few days of this our first Maine Audubon cruise.

We left Camden Monday on a light Nly that carried us, with the tide, out around Vinalhaven to Seal Island. Seal Island is one of several islands where puffin colonies have been re-established. And puffins we saw. There were the usual individuals and pairs flying by and paddling along the shoreline. We also witnessed a raft of puffins 30 strong by one guest’s count on the north shore diving in the surf along the edge. The swell was not big. As a matter of fact the wind died completely so we just drifted slowly with the yawl boat giving a gently nudge. Terns by the thousands were rising in waves above the rocky island. And razor bills were about as well.

We pushed all the way back in to anchor in Moore’s Harbor in Isle Au Haut. I had been there years ago in open pulling boats but never in the schooner. We enjoyed a fantastic sunset with a double rainbow that reflected in the water as brilliantly as it soared into the sky.

Yesterday we enjoyed more sunshine with a few passing showers. The wind really piped up in the afternoon and we had a heck of a sail through the Merchant Row and up Blue Hill Bay. At 10 knots or better we were boiling with just four lowers in 20+ knots of wind. The crew did a great job of getting in topsails in a hurry as the wind built. Nestled in the calm of the anchorage we all went ashore to hike in this remote part of Acadia.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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