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Porpoise in the Bay

Good morning everybody. Well let me tell you about a very busy summer. The weather has been absolutely fabulous for the past month. Last nite we did receive a sprinkling of rain. The rain that folks complain about onshore has yet to reach the bay. Localized weather events seldom look the same once that hot humid air reaches the cooler maritime air.

The porpoise have been plentiful in the bay this summer. What most folks, at first sight, call dolphin are actually harbor porpoise. Both marine mammals they do differ in size, profile, and behavior. Both stir up great wonder in the hearts of anyone that catches a glimpse of them so the name doesn’t really matter. But, just for the record:harbor porpoise are some of the smallest cetaceans averaging 5 feet in length. They are toothed whales and feed on small fish. They lack the familiar “bottle nose” that you might have seen Flipper sporting instead having a blunt snout. I have never seen a “shoal” of porpoise ride the bow wave of a ship like I have seen dolphin do. Have you? Call them what you will they are very cool. Sometimes on watch I hear them in the darkness near the boat with their very distinct “puuuff” breathing sound as they surface nearby. Doesn’t that just make your arm hairs tingling with excitement! I have yet to get a picture I really like but the good news is I have all summer to keep trying. And when I find one I really like I will be sure to share it.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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