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Ready to Sail

Good morning everyone. Here we go. We board guests today and sail tomorrow. The schooner is looking great. The crew put the finishing touches on yesterday. Ice was delivered. Provisions were brought aboard. Jake loaded 28 crates of firewood into the wood hold. The jib topsail, back from warranty work, was bent on to the foretopmast stay. And finally, the trail boards were mounted on the gammon knee at the bow, literally, “gilding the lily.”

Those trail boards have seen over one hundred thousand miles of water pass under them (about 132,000 by my calculation) and are still going. Every year we comment on how they are on their last legs. They are as much epoxy and wood filler as they are wood. Pieces of the gilded scrollwork have fallen off and been replaced. They won’t last forever we know. But we just keep nursing them along each year. Last fall we asked a carver friend for a quote to replace them. I guess you can see the answer for here they are again, massaged and painted and hung in their place of honor. They are beautiful and really complete the schooner. Those trail boards and I have a lot in common (except that they do a lot less pondering of belly button lint). Those trail boards and I are far from perfect. But we are part of the schooner and are heading out for another summer (my fifteenth aboard Mary Day and 25th along the Maine coast) exploring the bay and sharing with folks that come aboard.

I am not certain what will happen to the regularity of my mostly daily blogs at this point. I will do my best to keep you posted, pictures and all, as I am able. Technology will dictate the blog as we sail away from it all. Funny oxymoron there, huh. So be patient and stay tuned.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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