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Sail Training for Big Kids

We have finished Day 2 of this Wooden Boat course. We picnicked in a nearby cove at days end. We have had two great days of learning without a whole lot of wind but just enough to give us a feel for tacking without too much stress. The navigators are putting together the pieces of the speed. distance, time calculations and course plotting. Steering by compass is not as easy as it looks. Tacking topsails is an exercise in timing and teamwork. The bow watch is keeping a watchful eye on the many lobster boats that keep crossing under our bow. This morning several folks were wandering the decks early studying their pinrail diagrams. Thankfully there are only 47 lines to memorize. It will all come to a head on Friday when the “crew” has the chance to take the reins and guide us back to Camden.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

Photo of Tom by Jessica with Tom’s camera. See… it pays to bring your camera. And your sister in law!


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