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Sailing the Reach

We sailed off the hook to the delight of the crew. They are getting good at sail handling which is the only reason we can pull this off. We sail off the hook yesterday as well but set the sails in “reverse” order giving the crew the idea that there are many ways to skin this cat, which is what makes schooners so cool. We sailed dead down wind out of Pretty Marsh just on jib alone. I did not have to worry about jibing the main in a 20-knot puff and the lee of Dogfish Point on Bartlett I gave us a few minutes of flat calm to get sail set easily. These rigs are quite versatile.

Yesterday we sailed up Eggemoggin Reach. Many think this passage between Jericho and Penobscot Bays is one of the loveliest on the planet. In a southwest wind one can sail in both directions on a beam reach with relative ease. We had the northeast wind today which meant the same thing on the opposite tack. This was the crew’s first time passing under the 85’ fixed bridge requiring us to lower the topmasts. It was close but we made it and enjoyed a wonderful sail for the rest of the afternoon. Late in the day the wind eased up and came onshore. We drifted in to anchor on the last of the breeze with the wind from the east on the fore and the west on the main. The flags were literally pointing in opposite directions. We all went ashore for a lobster picnic before a bedtime reading of Ruth Moore’s poetry from the Maine coast.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


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