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Schooner Cats and Heros

Our current cat, Gus Hodgkins, is Chakra’s alter ego. She is not a big fan of water though her namesake was a rescuer at the Hunnewell’s Beach Lifesaving Station, built in 1883, at the west end of the Kennebec River. Legend has it that Mr. Hodgkins, after finishing saving a group from a schooner stranded on the ledges at the end of the river, rowed back out to the vessel because he thought he heard the ship’s cat yowling over the howling. This compassionate man rowed back out through the tempest and chased that cat from stem to stern until he reportedly cornered it. With the cat stuffed in his coat he rowed back to the beach and the cat, soon to be known as Hunney, took up residence there for the rest its days. Because we are intrigued by the history of lighthouses and lifesaving stations we thought it was only fitting that we name our cat in honor of this hero. Gussie does share one thing in common with all the other cats that have been aboard the schooner, and this is no tale…none of them have had tails.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


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