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Schooners Happen

So went my plans to be at the harbor at 0800 and after a good half hour of “I love people like you at the trailer supply store it was 0930 before I reached the harbor. It is true that time and tide don’t hang on long for anyone. So I missed that tide in addition to having to wait a couple days to get new springs. On the way home the bracket which holds the leaf springs (which is now a little loose) decided to drift back 1″ on the frame. What is 1” you ask? Since I can’t see out of the rear of my truck cap I check my mirrors frequently and quickly noticed the left trailer tire smoking as the tire rubbed against the wheel fender. Oy Vey!! What a sailor can’t fix with a piece of line probably can’t be fixed. Thus goes the life of a windjammer captain some days of the week. Push though I may there are some that keep coming up “not so much.”

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


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