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Schooners Happen

“Mom, driving a boat is alot easier than this!” Good morning everyone. OK, just so you don’t get the impression that every plan works, we had one of those days. I was supposed to be down at the harbor at 0800 to switch out our summer mooring lines for our winter mooring lines. I was also planning to winterize and haul yawl boat “ARNO”. I pulled ARNO’s trailer out and began greasing bearings and checking tire pressure only to discover that the leaf springs on one side were “pooched”. That means “not so much”, which also means it ain’t gonna happen with out a big push. I loaded my truck with all the necessary implements of destruction and headed for the local trailer supply store (we actually have one of those here).

So went my plans to be at the harbor at 0800 and after a good half hour of “I love people like you at the trailer supply store it was 0930 before I reached the harbor. It is true that time and tide don’t hang on long for anyone. So I missed that tide in addition to having to wait a couple days to get new springs. On the way home the bracket which holds the leaf springs (which is now a little loose) decided to drift back 1″ on the frame. What is 1” you ask? Since I can’t see out of the rear of my truck cap I check my mirrors frequently and quickly noticed the left trailer tire smoking as the tire rubbed against the wheel fender. Oy Vey!! What a sailor can’t fix with a piece of line probably can’t be fixed. Thus goes the life of a windjammer captain some days of the week. Push though I may there are some that keep coming up “not so much.”

Sara has been great at organizing the crew and getting lots done. The bulwarks continue to get sanded. The mast heads are now painted and the main rig is tarred. Hannah and Elisa spent the better part of the day tarring. I love the smell of pine tar. Mary spent the day prepping varnish in the galley. The spars are ready for varnishing and paint tomorrow. Thank goodness the crew are getting something done.

Jen’s day (yesterday was her birthday…did I mention dropping the cake I bought right on the floor at the check out counter with a line of onlookers staring in disbelief???) was salvaged only by the kids taking a horse back riding lesson at a local farm here in our little town. The kids loved it.

We decided that the best present we can give each other is the gift of time so giving Jen a chance to see the kids shine on horseback was the best birthday present of all.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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