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Sweet Week

Good morning everyone. This has been a very sweet week. The sun has final made a confirmed appearance here in Maine, not that sunshine makes any difference to us. We have fun no matter what the weather is. But it is nice to see so much of the Maine coast in one week. Maine photographer Jim Dugan tried to hitch a ride as he does from the harbor side porch at his office. Nice legs Jim!

I took a moment to get aloft on Monday to see the Camden Hills and photograph the Lewis R French sailing smartly and looking as beautiful as she always does. The scenery was breathtaking. Jim Dugan always says to get the shot from angles that are unusual. I figure 70 feet up is a little out of the ordinary.

We visited Wooden Boat where the crew jumped ship with our navigating goddess friend Jane Ahlfeld. They had fun sailing someone elses boat. The wind died but determined they were to keep her moving. The should have had a yawl boat.

Tuesday night we went to the Sweet Chariot Folk Music Festival (photo courtesy of Katie Hauglend). The show was spectacular as usual.

The rest of the week has been just blissful with sunny days and cool nights and even a wild bit of sailing yesterday when a line of squally winds came through. The crew was amazing as they shortened sail and tucked a deep reef in the main sail in a matter of minutes. The crew was thankful to be in a big schooner and not a little day sailer like the one at Wooden Boat. Today we head back to the dock with great sadness. Any of you who have sailed with me know I hate having to come in on Saturdays. Today we will repaint the topsides and keep the schooner looking just as beautiful as the rest of the Maine coast.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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