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Taking Flight

Good morning everyone. I just received my 300mm zoom back from the repair shop after it had experienced a total meltdown. There were several images that caught my eye yesterday that my lens managed to capture in some detail. Though as would tell you the camera didn’t see the image….the photographers eye saw the image. This photographer just happened to “spray and pray” in the intended direction. That said, I will stop apologizing.

The osprey taking flight created a series of cool images. The power in the osprey’s wings as they deeply pump to get Mr. and Mrs. Osprey off the nest is remarkable. Primary feathers at the wing tips carefully tuned to the birds needs in a matter of milliseconds. I did have my cameras set on rapid fire so these frames are literally taken in milliseconds.

Birds wings and sails are often compared. High pressure, low pressure, laminar air flow, blah, blah, blah. Sometime I would like to see a schooner flap its sails to get going from the anchorage. Now that would be cool. Give me another 20 years and I will see what I can figure out.

The other image that caught my eye was this small yacht using its tender as a yawl boat. I am sure this arrangement proves especially pleasing to those trying to simplify and create more space below decks. Haul the engine out of a small yacht and space is created for more of life’s true necessities. When packed carefully and kept free of engine residue bilges make great wine cellars. Or perhaps this cruising couple were improvising in the face of mechanical failure and taking flight the old fashioned way, schooner style.

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Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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